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Since 1925, Automatic has been Building Innovative Products for the Agricultural Market


Industrial Roller Mills For Feed Processing

Save time, money, and energy running your farming business – whether you own a large operation or a small agricultural company. Automatic Equipment Manufacturing provides the best agricultural processing machines to reduce waste and increase efficiency. Choose from several sizes and power options for roller mills, CSU mills, and more. Increase your bushels per hour, and help your farm run like a well-oiled machine.



Precise particles, every time.  Low Profile Electric, Large Capacity Electric or PTO  driven



Large capacity, durability, and versatility. Auger or blower discharge.



​Versatile and economical with a high RPM cylinder to chop corn.  No screens, no plugging

The Right Materials

We don’t cut corners when providing the industrial farming equipment you need. Our grain roller mills and electric mills are designed to be hard-working and long-lasting. You can depend on Automatic Equipment Manufacturing to provide feed processing mills that don’t require frustrating repeat maintenance and part replacement. Learn more about why we choose hardened steel for our industrial roller mills.

Energy Efficiency

One of the outstanding efficiencies of Automatic industrial grain mills is that they require less energy. Roller mills use as much as 85% less energy than hammer mills. With any grain quality, you can use one-third less horsepower than with other mills. 

Growth Goals

In a 2017 study of using an Automatic roller mill at the Beller Feedlot, we saw the real-world results our mill could deliver. Cows on this lot saw three pounds more growth per head. The herd achieved 4.5% more Prime or Certified Angus grade when the beef was graded. In addition, because the Automatic industrial grain mills could handle more different types and grades of grain, the feedlot could afford to buy more feed at a lower cost. And they saw a 1.88% higher feed conversion. 

Time is Money

Time is money in your livestock operation. The high throughput of the mill means you don't have to spend as much time milling your livestock feed.  Plus, the high-quality materials used in Automatic roller mills mean less downtime. The automatic hardened steel used for the rollers will function longer and require fewer recorrugations. 


"It eats corn."

Steve Rehder, Rehder Farms


Avoid Waste & Ailments


Dust-free rolled grain will not be “windblown” out of the feed bunk. Your livestock will eat it all, and they will avoid respiratory problems cause by inhaling “powdered feeds.”

More Gain From Your Grain


Whether you feed beef, pork, dairy, or poultry, you will get more from your grain with Automatic. Make four bushels do the work of five. and get more milk per cow, faster, more economic gains. All livestock thrives on rolled grain.


Palatability & Digestibility


It is just like cracking nuts, the roller mill cracks the grain lightly, just enough to break the seed coat without reducing the meat inside to flour. The digestible nutrients can then be assimilated for consistently higher rates of gain. Without cracking, much of the grain will pass through the animal whole.


Save Horsepower

Whether you want to roll your grain coarse, medium or fine, wet or dry, Automatic mills require one third less horsepower than other mills.


Eliminate Digestive Disorders

Dust and flour in feed have been found to be a major cause of ulcers in hogs and bloat in cattle. Rolled feed is more palatable because it is uniform in size, easy to chew and you preserve the natural roughage animals need to thrive.



Roller mills will process corn, milo, oats, barley, and wheat. You choose the particle reduction size best suited for your livestock. Set your rolls and let Automatic do the rest.



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