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About Us: The Automatic Difference

Automatic Employees, 1947

More about Automatic Equipment Manufacturing

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing has been in business since 1925.  With 95 years of service and commitment to agricultural professionals, we believe in providing the best possible tools for working farmers so they may spend less time and energy doing necessary and important work.  Our roller mills are designed to stand the test of time, just like Automatic itself.  We are a fourth-generation family-owned company and are proud to have passed down the generational belief that quality, value, and service stand the test of time.


We look forward to getting to know you and speaking to you about how we can best meet your needs.  Automatic Equipment Manufacturing's roller mills make it easy to do the hard work without the hassle.

Our History


An early Automatic Roller Mill

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing was founded by Rollie McQuistan on the family farm just outside of Pender, Nebraska in 1925 - the very same site where our mills are built today. Our first products were cattle and hog oilers; in fact, we invented them. Cattle oilers helped farmers control flies, pests, and parasites, providing a cleaner, healthier operation and greater comfort to the animals our customers raised.  

Automatic expanded its product line to include the manufacturing of tractor cabs, feed mixers, hydraulic rakes, field sprayers, and hitching equipment. 

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing was reorganized as a sole-proprietorship in 1948 under the direction of  Rollie's son-in-law Myron Hesse.  Myron began to develop the modern automatic roller mill as an improvement over hammer mills and burr grinders to deliver better nutrition to livestock. By 1957 Automatic roller mills became the standard for grinding corn for livestock and were in use across the United States, Europe, Australia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and South America.

In the early 1980s, Myron's son Jay Hesse became the CEO and President of Automatic Equipment Manufacturing.  Jay continued to develop the roller mill business while expanding into the recreational towing business with the development of the KarTote™ tow dolly.  Jay continued to develop the recreational towing line with the purchase of two recreational towing companies: the Oregon-based Duncan and the California-based Blue Ox.

For more information about the weight distributing trailer hitch please visit Blue OX. 


Jay Hesse

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Today


Today the company is headed up by Jay's son Mike Hesse.  Mike has placed a renewed emphasis on the goals of the original company mission in continuing to innovate our roller mills to provide the healthiest feed to livestock with the greatest ease and convenience to cattle farmers and ranchers.  Under Mike's direction, the company has developed two new large grain processing roller mills, and at 10K and 15K that is high capacity. Built to bring ease and convenience to large operations across the United States and Europe.

Mike Hesse and the Automatic 10K PTO Roller Mill


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