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Automatic Rolls

We Make Consistent Feed Better, for Longer Periods of Time Without Cutting Corners in Our Manufacturing Process

Chill Cast Rolls v Automatic Hardened Steel Rolls

•  Chill cast iron costs less for the manufacturer than hardened steel due to the lower material, energy, and labor costs to produce finished rolls

•  Chill cast iron has poor corrosion resistance, meaning that the rolls constantly need to be resharpened in order to achieve consistent feed quality

•  The lifetime cost of ownership of chill cast iron rolls is much higher than hardened steel rolls

•  Automatic Hardened Steel is more expensive because it is better material.  Regular maintenance requirements are drastically reduced, saving time and money in the long term

•  Hardened steel has 1.5 x the modulus of elasticity of chill cast steel, leading to less wrapping of material on the shaft. the entire mill will last longer, providing years of trouble-free operation

•  No need for constant resharpening and reworking to mill quality grain

•  Harder, stronger rolls that deliver consistent feed quality for years at a lower lifetime cost


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