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Rotary Mills

Electric Or PTO Driven Rotary Mills for Livestock Corn Feed Processing

Make the most out of your corn and increase milk production with one of our new rotary mills. These new corn mills produce fluffy, more nutritional feed while using less corn. They also have the option of using electric or PTO power, making them a versatile choice for any corn milling operation. With consistent grind sizes and the ability to process 200 bushels per hour, our rotary mills are the perfect corn grinder for feed.


• Electric or PTO driven

• High RPM cylinder set in a drum with shear bars to chop corn

• No screens - no plugging

• Control plate controls the rate of corn entering the mill

• Milled corn is blown out of the bottom of the mill to auger into a cart or mixer

• Use less feed by better utilizing natural starches in the corn with a finer grind

• Increased milk production due to more nutritious feed

The Rotary Mill Will Grind:

• Dry ear corn

• Dry shell corn

• High-moisture shell corn

• Milo

• Wheat

• Soybeans

Automatic ARM1665 Rotary Mill for grinding corn, soy and grain


Automatic ARM1665T Rotary Mill with Cyclone Discharge for grinding corn feed, soy, and grain

ARM1665T with Cyclone Discharge

ARM16129:  16" Cylinder, 12 blade, 9 Bar

ARM1665:  16" Cylinder, 6 blade, 5 Bar

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Trailer Kits Available, Cyclone Discharge Available







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