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Automatic Roller Mills

Grain Roller Mills

Electric & PTO Driven

Our Roller Mill Equipment

Automatic's industrial grain roller mills produce precise particle size every time, even when it comes to high volume grain processing – as much as 15,000 bushels an hour for our hardest-working, high-capacity models. Parallel, corrugated rolls uniformly process corn and other grains to exactly the right size. Our one fast-roll principle provides more capacity at up to one-third less horsepower and self-cleaning action that prevents clogging or packing.

All of our
livestock roller mills create the right crack each time, so you can process the most nutritious feed for your livestock. Spend less time and energy getting the job done while preserving moisture in some types of grain, and avoid over-processing for smaller, softer grains. We want you to get more gain from your grain with our wide selection of electric and PTO roller mill equipment.

CSU Mills

Low Profile

Electric Mills 

Choose our economical and easy-to-operate CSU mills and low-profile mills. You can customize roll configurations on these models to ensure the right particle size for your grain processing needs. Our CSU and low-profile mills save horsepower on getting the job done, compared to hammer mills. Choose coarse or fine rollers on the top and the bottom of these mills for the perfect crack. Our increased roll configurations in low-profile electric roller mills allow for additional adjustment with the use of a single lever. Automatic’s low-profile electric rollers are available in 4, 6.5, 8, and 10 roll configurations with our LPE 700, LPM 200, and LPE 500 models.

  • Two-stage reduction process for maximum control

  • Top rolls are coarse for primary reduction

  • Bottom rolls are fine to produce the exact amount of reduction required for the job

  • One point adjustment sets the gap between the rolls to control particle size.

Large Capacity

Electric Mills

  • Economical and versatile

  • Mount under low discharge outlets 

  • Auger options for discharge

  • Set rolls with a single lever

Large Capacity

PTO Trailer Mills

When you need to get a vast amount of work done with the minimum investment in time and energy, Automatic Manufacturing’s large-capacity roller mills are the perfect fit for the job. Choose between roller mills equipped with their own motors, or PTO trailer mills if you have tractors in your current equipment inventory you can dedicate to powering your roller mills. We have options to suit every grain processing need and preference. Achieve large-volume processing and customized adjustments, so you don’t have to second-guess operations at your farm. Dependable and fatigue-proof equipment allows you to spend less time worrying about how you’ll get the work done and devote more energy to meeting your business’ goals.

•  Large volume grain processing

•  9 or 12-inch diameter rolls
•  Corrugations available for the right particle size from coarse to fine

•  Complete unit includes the basic mill with fast roll, belt drive, motor mount, mill, and motor pulleys

•  Maximum capacity, versatility, and transportability

•  Heavy-duty PTO with shear bolt
•  High carbon steel rolls

•  Fatigue proof shafts

• One roll turns faster to prevent plugging and increase capacity

Automatic's High Capacity Roller Mills for Large Operations

Large commercial operations require the best of the best equipment – materials that don’t wear down or break easily and can stand up to serious work without extra care and attention. Depend on Automatic Equipment Manufacturing’s high capacity roller mills in either the ATG 10000 or 15000 models, which can process 10 thousand or 15 thousand bushels per hour, respectively. Automatic’s top-of-the-line grain processing equipment can have a significant, positive impact on your bottom line. Don’t trust vital operations to inferior roller mills. Let Automatic AG show you the difference that professional livestock feed mill equipment can make for your daily tasks and nurturing your animals. We live the principles of the highest possible conversions and truly getting more gain for your grain.

Inexpensive Chill Cast Rolls
Automatic Hardened Steel

Inexpensive Chill Cast Rolls

Automatic Hardened Steel

• Chill cast iron costs less for the manufacturer than hardened steel due to the lower material, energy, and labor costs required to produce finished rolls

• Chill cast iron has poor corrosion resistance, meaning that they constantly need to be resharpened in order to achieve consistent feed quality

• Cast iron easily warps without shattering, this rubber band effect leads to long term negative effects on all working aspects of the mill


• The lifetime cost of ownership of chill cast iron rolls is much higher than hardened steel rolls

• Automatic Hardened Steel is more expensive because it’s better material. Regular maintenance requirements are drastically reduced, saving time and money in the long-term


• Hardened Steel has 1.5 x the modulus of elasticity of chill cast steel, leading to less warping of material on shaft. The entire mill will last longer, providing years of trouble-free operation


• No need for constant resharpening and reworking to mill quality grain


• Harder, stronger rolls that deliver consistent feed quality for years at a lower lifetime cost

ATG 10000 

•  10,000 bu/hr capacity 

•  350 bushel hopper

ATG 15000

•  15,000 bu/hr capacity 

•  500 bushel hopper


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