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Moisture Retention For Grain Mills

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

How Roller Mills Preserve Moisture Retention in Grain High moisture grain and feed are discussed at length in the agriculture community, and there are many reasons to choose high-moisture feed for cattle, pigs, and other livestock. Roller mills are the perfect way to preserve moisture in the feed you process on your farm, allowing you to add more pounds to your animals and provide feed that is highly nutritious, palatable, and digestible. For more on how roller mills and high-moisture grains go hand-in-hand, we encourage you to read on or contact a member of our team today to learn more about the abilities of Automatic Manufacturing’s roller mills.


Why Livestock and Grains Need High Moisture

High-moisture grains deliver the best possible nutrition and digestive for livestock. When your animals are better able to digest their feed, they are more likely to gain the desired pounds – which is essential for agricultural professionals. Compared to dry grain, high moisture alternatives tend to go over better with animals. Palatability significantly ties into feed intake and goals for adding the desired weight to livestock. While there may be some debate between professionals regarding preferences and whether dry or high-moisture grain is the way to go, there are certain benefits to HMG that simply aren’t part of the profile for a dry feed. If you’re going the HMG route, a roller mill is essential to properly carry out the processing and storing methods for this feed type.


How Grain Rolling Preserves Moisture

To properly process high moisture grain, 95% of the kernels need to be cracked. Achieving this high rate of crack each time you process feed can be tricky, but not with a roller mill. Our machines are designed to produce the right amount of crack, in a manner that is predictability uniform – every time. Rolling and crimping grain are necessary before the use of additives that preserve moisture for the months to come.


Choose Automatic Roller Mills for Grain Processing

For the most dependable output for grain processing, choose a roller mill. Automatic Equipment Manufacturing makes top quality roller mills, - from electric models to PTO roller mills. Our equipment is designed to last and last, while providing a consistent output, so you know your livestock is receiving the best feed you can produce on your farm. Choose a roller mill for the most efficient high moisture grain processing possible. Contact Automatic Equipment today for more information on available roller mill models.

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