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Grain Roller Mill Types

Automatic's industrial grain roller mills consistently generate exact particle size, even at large volume grain processing rates – up to 15,000 bushels per hour for our hardest-working, high-capacity models. Parallel, corrugated rollers grind corn and other grains consistently to the desired size. Our single fast-roll approach increases capacity while using up to one-third less horsepower and has a self-cleaning action that eliminates clogging or packing.

Types Of Grain Roller Mills

Automatic's livestock roller mills all produce the correct crack every time, allowing you to prepare the most nutritious feed for your cattle. Spend less time and energy on the work while keeping moisture in certain grain varieties, and avoid over-processing for smaller, softer grains.

CSU Mills

The CSU grain roller mill from Automatic offers you more control over making optimum feed for your cattle. Roll configurations may be changed to provide consistent particle sizes. CSU roller mills generate more uniform particles and use 30% less horsepower than hammer mills, making them a more efficient alternative in cattle roller mills. CSU mills are the way to go if you want greater control over particle size reduction.


  • For optimum control, we use a two-stage reduction method.

  • Coarse top rollers are used for primary reduction.

  • Bottom rollers work well for producing the precise amount of reduction necessary for the project.

  • One-point adjustment controls particle size by adjusting the spacing between the rollers.

Low Profile Electric Mills

The low-profile electric grain roller mill is built with the most cost-effective and adaptable manner to feed your cattle in mind. Automatic’s Grain Mills are both efficient and safe. They are the ultimate all-purpose electric corn and grain roller mills, creating consistent particles in a compact and efficient form. A single large motor may power the mill and discharge auger, and their low profile enables them to be mounted beneath discharge outlets. For increased adaptability, we offer several auger systems and base packs.


  • Low-cost and adaptable

  • Mount underneath low discharge outlets.

  • Discharge Auger Options

  • Rolls may be set using a single lever.

Large Capacity Electric Mills

Automatic's electric high-capacity roller mills are ideal for grinding large quantities of grain and corn livestock feed. Even at large volumes, precise roll corrugations provide consistent particle sizes. All of the high-capacity roller mills include heavy-duty rollers for longevity and come in various profile sizes and styles. The sort of feed you are processing determines how fast you can adjust the capacity of the ABC 900 Large Capacity Electric Roller Mill.


  • High-volume processing

  • 9", 12", or 14" diameter rolls with lengths of 36", 48", or 54"

  • Corrugations are offered for particle sizes ranging from coarse to fine.

  • The primary mill with quick roll, belt drive, motor mount, mill, and motor pulleys are included in the whole unit.

PTO Driven Trailer Mills

Choose a PTO-driven grain roller mill from Automatic Equipment and use your tractor to grind livestock feed on a trailer at high speeds. PTO-driven, trailer-mounted roller mills are ideal for farmers who would rather utilize their current tractor equipment than an electric mill. Automatic Manufacturing's big capacity PTO trailer mills are ideal for when you need to do a significant amount of work with the least amount of time and energy commitment.


  • Maximum capacity, adaptability, and portability

  • PTO with shear bolt for heavy-duty applications

  • Rolls of high carbon steel

  • Shafts that are resistant to wear

  • Harden steel is more robust and less prone to warping or bending.

  • One roll rotates faster than the others to avoid clogging and maximize capacity.

Automatic Grain Roller Mills

Since 1925, Automatic Equipment Manufacturing has been in operation. With 95 years of service and dedication to agricultural experts, we believe in offering the finest equipment available for working farmers so they may spend less time and energy accomplishing required and essential tasks. Our roller mills, like Automatic, are built to withstand the test of time. We are a fourth-generation family-owned business that is happy to have handed down the ancestral conviction that quality, value, and service endure. To learn more about Automatic Equipment Manufacturing, Visit our website!

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