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Better Uniformity, Less Energy

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Use a Roller Mill for Uniform Particle Size & Energy Reduction

If creating a product is a part of your business model, it almost seems too good to be true to find a machine that can make produce uniform products at a high rate of speed without wasting energy. If you’re an agricultural professional, creating highly digestible and palatable feed is part of your job, and roller mills can help you get the job done with increased levels of efficiency and the most reliable output available.

Here’s how Automatic’s roller mills create a reliable product and save energy in the process.

Creating a Uniform Crack

For a consistent result, Automatic makes it easy to adjust the roll gap and speed ratio – two important factors in achieving a uniform crack every time. With our help, you can be sure the rolls are parallel and the gap is correctly adjusted based on the particle size (larger particle require a larger gap for ideal processing). This allows our automatic roller mill to create uniform output each time, whether you need to process hundreds of bushels or thousands.

Uniformity and precision matter for your bottom line. You don’t have to worry about variations in output that make some parts of the processed feed inedible, indigestible by your livestock, or must be re-cracked – a process that takes up time and resources. The ability to create uniform results every time is what provides agricultural professionals with peace of mind and saves them from wasting resources.

The dependability of the roller mill’s output significantly decreases waste, so you spend less of your time and money operating your business.

Energy Reduction with Improved Efficiency

What’s the point of getting a job done if it seems to each up far too many resources doing it? Energy and horsepower are a part of the equation when it comes to feed processing, and using too much of either can be costly.

Consider the hammer mill, where hammers hit particles at high speeds to create the desired crack and process the feed. Each hammer needs to make contact with the particle several times and with a certain force – this requires a significant amount of energy. On the other hand, a roller mill contains one or more pairs of metal, corrugated rolls that operate at comparably lower speeds. The counter-movements of the rolls and the adjustable roll gap allow you to get exactly the right crack you need while expending far less energy to do so. Roller mills are capable of saving your precious time and preserving resources needed to create feed that produces the highest yield per head.

Learn More about What a Roller Mill can do for Your Business

Automatic’s roller mills can be a game-changer for your agricultural operation. Imagine how much more efficient you could and what you could do for your company’s bottom line by investing in one of our dependable and efficient machines. Learn more about which roller mill is right for you by contacting our of our representatives.

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