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Chill Cast Metal vs Hardened Steel - Why Material Matters for your Roller Mill

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The quality of any finished product is the reflection of the materials used to create it. That's why durability of components and the fabrication process are vital to ensure a consumer product lasts and does its job according to expectations. When it comes to your roller mill, you expect and need the equipment to stand up to repeat, high-volume processing; unreliable farming tools can mean wasted, time, energy and money, which no business owner can afford.

Choose the best possible components for your roller mill, which can mean hardened steel rollers over chill cast iron. Automatic Equipment Manufacturing creates products with hardened steel to ensure your industrial roller lasts.

What is Cast Metal?

Metal casting is the term used to describe molding metal into the desired shape. In its liquid state, metal is poured into a mold to create the desired tool or product. After the metal and the mold are cooled the the metal has set, it can then be removed. Chill casting is a specific process used to help the liquid metal harden and solidify. The chill can be placed into the the mold or applied outside of it to achieve the desired effect.

Iron is most commonly used in the chill cast process, which has a direct effect on how you can expect your roller mill to behave in the long-term. Iron is a less expensive metal, compared to steel, and does not possess the same durability. Over time, rollers made with chill cast iron will be more likely to break or malfunction. These iron rollers can also become dull and damaged quickly, negatively impacting their ability to process grain.

The Benefits of Hardened Steel

High carbon hardened steel creates strong and lasting tools. Heat treating and tempering or quenching steel allows it to become strong and tough, avoiding the brittle and breakable qualities seen with chill cast iron. With expert knowledge of the heat treatment process, precise control can be achieved to ensure hardened steel rollers last as long as possible.

Automatic AG’s electric roller mills are made with hardened steel, creating a longer-lasting and more dependable product. Compared to mills created with cast metal, our products are far less likely to bend or warp with time and continued use. All of this means you can use our products worry free for many years to come. Choose from our selection of electric and PTO trailer mills, including large capacity mills that create precision particles and allow you to get exactly the crack you’re looking for from corn and small grains.

For more information, contact an Automatic Equipment Company representative today!

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