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Corn and Small Grains for Livestock

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

When it comes to feeding livestock, you likely debate the question of feed - energy, protein, and digestibility - and how you can provide the right feed for the right investment. Many of these factors are attributed to how the feed is processed.

if you're looking to invest in a roller mill for livestock feed, consider how a roller mill from Automatic creates the best possible product for feeding cows, pigs, and other livestock.

Preparing adequate rolled grain is just like cracking nuts. The roller mill cracks the grain lightly, just enough to break the seed coat without reducing the meat inside to flour. The digestible nutrients can then be assimilated for consistently higher rates of gain. Without cracking, much of the grain will pass through the animal whole.

Use a Roller Mill for Corn, Small Grains, Soy, and More Roller mills will process corn, milo, oats, barley, and wheat. You choose the particle reduction size best suited for your livestock. Set your rolls and an Automatic roller mill will do the rest.

Dust and flour in feed have been found to be a major cause of ulcers in hogs and bloat in cattle. Rolled feed is more palatable as it is uniform in size, easy to chew, and preserves the natural roughage animals need to thrive. Our new corn grinding rotary mills are specially designed to extract more of the natural starches from the corn, resulting in fluffier, more nutritious livestock feed.

Large Capacity Electric Roller Mills The ATG6020 roller mill in a 4 -roll configuration can accommodate 6300 bushels per hour (BPH) of dry corn or 5900 bushels BPH of high-moisture corn.

Our PTO trailer mills are designed for convenience, portability, and power. Our fatigue-proof shafts allow for high-volume processing of corn, small grains, or soy without fear of equipment failure. Automatic Manufacturing is committed to providing the tools necessary to get the job done right, prevent wasting your valuable time, and allow you to create the amount of feed your livestock need. Automatic Manufacturing has been providing agricultural equipment for livestock for 94 years and is your trusted source for reliable roller mills delivering more gain from your grain.

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