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Important Dos and Don’ts for your New Roller Mill

Learn More about What to Do - and Not to Do - with Your New Roller Mill

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing is committed to your safety and satisfaction; we want to make sure you know how to properly operate your new roller mill, so you can fall in love with what an efficient and dependable machine can do for your farming operation. Below, you’ll find some practical do’s and don’ts for operating your roller mill. To get the full picture of how to set up and use your new equipment, please review the entire instruction manual before getting started. We can help lead you in the right direction with the following tips.

Tips for your High-Volume Electric Roller Mill

Follow all pre-check instructions. Before you begin any operations or installation, be sure to follow the instruction guide’s checklist for getting started, including, examining belts, bearing, and shields before making use of your roller mill. This list of checks is vital for getting started and for a periodic review of your machine’s operation. Be sure you understand all the instructions and requirements as laid out in your manual. If you are unsure of any information or steps detailed, please do not proceed until you can get in contact with a member of our team. Improper use and safety is a hazard we work hard to avoid by educating our customers.

Scheduled routine reviews of your machine’s components, such as belts and hoses. Tears in hoses or loose connections can create injuries or machine malfunction. Keeping your roller mill in good shape is essential to its longevity and your well-being. During your mill’s first use, be sure to safely examine screws, bots, and vital hardware to ensure that nothing has become loose and you are clear to continue operation. Only evaluate and maintain your roller mill when it is not in use and its power source has been disengaged. Do not attempt to adjust any component on your machine until all motion has ceased and switches are locked.

Tips for your PTO Roller Mill

Maintain a schedule of properly greasing certain components of your PTO roller mill, specifically cross bearings and sections of the machine that telescope. Bearings need to be greased daily while telescoping components should be greased once a year. Be careful not to over grease parts of your roller mill. Start slow. Do not attempt full RPMs while you are first attaching the tractor to your roller mill. Do not pass 1000 RPMs while operating your PTO roller mill. Make sure you start the mill each time while clean. If there is grain between the rolls when you attempt to power on and use your machine, you may experience errors – such as shearing bolt in PTO. Before you stop the mill during processing, be sure to close the grain control gate.

Ask Automatic Equipment Manufacturing about Getting Started

Your new roller mill is at Automatic. For more information about how to use, operate, and maintain your electric or PTO roller mill, contact a member of our team today!

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