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Improved Palatability and Digestability

Improved Palatability & Digestibility

What can the right tools do for the job? Likely more than you think. Not only is high-quality equipment cheaper to maintain in the long run, but it can also create more efficient working processes and improve the return on your investment. When it comes to feed processing for your agricultural business, an industrial roller mill can do plenty, as we’ve covered on this blog and our website, but you may not have known that a roller mill designed to create the perfect crack helps your animals better digest their food and get more out of their meals.

How Does a Roller Mill Create the Perfect Crack?

Imagine cracking a nut; if you were to completely smash it, you may lose pieces of the edible portion and feel frustrated digging through parts of the shell to find what you’re looking for. On a similar token, imagine getting one of those pistachios out of the bag that’s just barely split and refuses to open; you’re more likely to split your fingernail trying to get it open than to succeed. A roller mill that’s adjusted to create the right crack for your needs is capable of splitting the grain lightly enough to allow access to the meat inside, without over-processing it and making it difficult for livestock to get enough food.

Automatic Manufacturing Equipment’s roller mills allow you to achieve the highest quality grain at the maximum bushels per hour. Our high-volume machines are perfect for large operations, while our economic and portable roller mills create the ideal crack for reduced bushels per hour. With our feed processing mills, you don’t have to worry about grain turning to dust or being minimally processed, which prevents proper feeding. We’re committed to helping you get the most gain from your grain.

What Happens When You Don’t Get the Right Crack?

Efficient grain processing is necessary for making sure your animal can eat and digest food properly. Without the right crack, food will often pass through an animal’s system without imparting beneficial nutrients. Not only is this a waste of your money and resources, but it means it’ll take much more time and effort to increase pounds on livestock. Over processed feed also goes to waste – whether that’s because it’s blown away and creates dust, or the corn or grain is too fine and animals have a hard time getting enough. Striking the right balance during feed processing saves money and helps you meet your goals on-time.

Automatic Roller Mills Provide the Best Possible Results

Trust the professionals at Automatic Equipment Manufacturing to provide the best return on investment. Our roller mills are made from the highest quality materials and help you create the perfect crack, regardless of whether you’re using high-moisture corn or small grains. Learn more about available options and which roller mill is best suited for your business by calling one of our team members today.

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