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Industrial Electric Feed Mill Equipment

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

If you are looking for an easy, powerful, efficient feed mill solution for your farm or feedlot, go electric. Electric feed mills are easy to set up, give you all the power you need, and they are both energy- and cost-efficient.

Save Time in Setup

It doesn't take long to set up an electric feed mill. You have the electricity on site, so you just have to hook it up. And once the mill is hooked up, just flip a switch to start milling.

There's no need to wrangle a tractor for PTO every time you want to mill. And you can mill when the tractor is in use elsewhere.

Power to Propel Your Livestock Operation

Electric feed mills give you all the power you need for your operation.

At Automatic Equipment Manufacturing, we make electric feed mill equipment for both commercial or small scale operations. Whether you're looking to process hundreds of bushels an hour with a low profile electric grain mill, or several thousand with an electric high capacity roller mill, we have the perfect electric feed mill grinder for you. In fact, our highest capacity mills need the power of electricity to provide their high performance.

With an electric mill, you can always get the power you need--you don't have to worry about your tractor's performance.

Save Energy and Money

Electric mills are more efficient than PTO mills. With a PTO mill, you lose energy in the take-off process related to the additional drive components. That means you are burning a lot of diesel to keep your mill running.

Saving energy means saving money. Even with the low cost of diesel now, you can run an electric mill for a fraction of the cost of a PTO mill. Increase your profitability with an electric feed mill.

Find the Right Mill for Your Operation

At Automatic Equipment Manufacturing, we've been matching the best mills for farms and feedlots since 1925. We have helped thousands to improve the speed, power, and bottom line of their operation, and we can help you.

To learn what's the best feed mill for you, please contact us today.

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