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PTO Roller Mills vs. Electric Roller Mills

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Comparing and Contrasting PTO Roller Mills & Electric Roller Mills

When you’re making the decision to invest in a large piece of equipment for your business, it pays to understand what’s involved in your choice. When you’re looking into PTO roller mills or roller mills with an electric motor, comparing and contrasting the benefits can help you make the best possible decision. Roller Mills with Electric Motors These electrically-driven mills require a minimal amount of equipment and effort to get to work immediately. When you run a large, busy farm and are short on time, it’s best not to waste all day doing one thing or expending unnecessary effort. You don’t need a tractor to power these mills – the motors (with the customization of the horsepower of your choosing) do all the hard work for you. The more horsepower you invest in, the faster you can crack corn or small grains. An important factor for consideration is the upkeep of any piece of large machinery. Like any other equipment with a motor, your roller mill will need maintenance and attention to function optimally. If you are not interested in having another engine to monitor and maintain, it may make more sense to use existing tractors to power a PTO mill. If you do not currently have a tractor you can devote to the task of running a roller mill, a mill with an electric motor may suffice for your needs. Automatic’s Electric Mills are available in a variety of sizes: from our low-profile LPM mills that can be used in tight spaces delivering from 250 bushels-per-hour (BSH/hr) to our selection of large-capacity electric mills delivering, depending upon the model you select, from 900 to 6300 BSH/hr (dry corn) in the stationary mills, to the super-high volume 10,000 BSH/hr and 15,000 BSH/hr. PTO Trailer Mills Before you consider buying a PTO trailer mill, consider the machinery you have to devote to the task. If you have tractors that can easily power the mill, without taking away from other important tasks, a PTO mill may be an excellent match for your needs. A PTO-driven roller trailer mill also means portability, allowing you to grind the corn wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Any of your tractors with high horsepower will be sufficient to power your new PTO roller mill. We understand that the more power you can devote to the task of cracking grain, the more efficiently you can run your business. PTO trailer mills are available for every need. Starting with the ATG900 delivering 900 BSH/hr to the ATG6020 delivering 6300 BSH/hr (dry corn) to the super-high capacity ATG10000 and the ATG15000 delivering 10,000 BSH/hr and 15,000 BSH/hr (dry corn) respectively. Making your current assets pull double-duty saves money and time – two highly valuable assets for any agricultural professional. Ask Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Co. about Roller Mills

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