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What Does Fatigue-Proof Mean for Your Roller Mill?

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

If you’re shopping for any asset for your business – large or small – you’ll likely hear several buzzwords or terms to describe what makes one piece of equipment desirable over another. Among those terms may be “fatigue-proof.” At Automatic Equipment Manufacturing, we frequently use this term to help clients understand what sets our roller mills apart from others. To assist you in you making the best decision possible when investing in a new asset for your farm, we’re here to unpack what fatigue-proof means for your business.


Defining Fatigue Proof Fatigue-proof machinery is made to last and doesn’t wear out at the rate you might expect for all the hard work it performs, day in and day out. Equipment that’s built to last helps protect your bottom line – an incredibly important factor for any business owner who spends their hard-earned money on new materials and assets. Spend less time, effort, and funds on the upkeep and part replacement of your machinery when you choose equipment with components that are highly durable, dependable, and can perform high-volume work without the set-back of frequent repairs and replacement.


Types of Metals Used in Equipment Manufacturing There are many types of materials used to create tools small business owners depend on. For farmers, the metal components of heavy-duty machinery need to work – and last - for the years to come. Compared to iron, hardened steel is the superior material and can help your machine last much longer than what you can expect with less costly and less quality equipment. Hardened steel is made and molded with precision into the most important components of your roller mill. Steel rollers do not have the same chances of cracking, breaking, and warping, compared to tools made from other materials.


How Automatic’s Roller Mills Last Over the Years Automatic Equipment Manufacturing uses only hardened steel rollers in all our mills – from electric mills to PTO mills and everything in between. Our rollers don’t lose their ability to precisely, routinely, and dependably crack grains to your specifications. If you operate a large agricultural business, you know first-hand how much time and effort are needed to dedicate to daily operations, and milling your livestock feed is one of those operations. Imagine being able to process tens of thousands of bushels per hour, without concern over the breakdown of machinery or ineffective tools. Automatic Equipment’s roller mills allow you to do necessary work with fatigue-proof and highly dependable mills.


Learn More about Fatigue-Proof Roller Mills Contact Automatic Equipment Manufacturing today to learn more about which model of roller mill is best for your farming business. You can count on our hardened steels rollers to do the hard work that needs to be done on your farm. Contact a member of our team today for additional information on roller mills and specs.

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