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What Does it Mean to Get More Gain from Your Grain?

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Automatic Can Help You Get More from Your Grain Processing

It’s Automatic Equipment Manufacturing’s motto and it has real meaning for those in the agriculture profession; making the most use of the tools you’ve invested in to support your livestock will affect your bottom line – and when you’re a business owner, that’s almost all that matters. We understand how hard you work to build a farm that operates according to plan, and you need to be sure all your tools and supplies– from high moisture corn and small grains to roller mills – do their job dependably.

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing’s electric roller mills and large-capacity PTO mills help do all of the following:

Adding the Pounds You Want

Putting pounds on your animals at the pace you need, whether you’re looking to add bulk quickly or take your time, is essential. Roller mills process grain rapidly, creating the preferred crack. The higher the crack, the easier the digestion and ability to add pounds on your animals. Our customized roll configurations make it easy for you to operate your farm the way you see fit. Our high volume electric mills and PTO trailer mills have the demonstrated ability to improve conversion and grade out on prime or certified Angus beef.

Save Time and Energy by Working Efficiently

No business owner likes repeating tasks or devoting too much of their valuable time to one part of their job. Being able to do more work in less time sounds like a dream, but it can be achieved with the proper tools. Large-capacity roller mills can help you process thousands of bushels in a day without breaking a sweat. Using either an electric rolling mill or PTO roller mill, Automatic Equipment’s hardened steel tools do the job without worry.

Make Sure Your Investment Lasts

Our equipment is built to withstand the long haul, hours of work, and years of dedication you need from a vital piece of machinery. Automatic Equipment Manufacturing’s electric and PTO roller mills are made from hardened steel, as opposed to chill cast rolls. Hardened steel can withstand the stress of high-volume grain and corn processing over its life, compared to cheaper and less durable iron used to make chill cast rolls. You can expect your Automatic Equipment roller mill to be tough, dependable, and strong – compared to the brittle and breakable materials found in sub-par equipment.

Find the Right Roller Mill for Your Needs

Depending on how much feed you need to crack consistently (how many bushels per hour), what kind of crack you’re looking for, and whether you prefer a roller mill with its motor, we provide plenty of options. Ask our trained and friendly staff about roller mills – like our ATG10000 or ATG 15000 – or rotary mills, and all their differing variants. We can help you take the stress out of high volume feed processing, whether you operate a large farm or a small business.

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