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Why Particle Size and Capacity Matter for your Roller Mill

There are many factors to consider when choosing equipment for your business – whether you run a large operation or a small farming venture. Particle size and capacity are vital in feed processing for every agricultural professional, and the equipment you should promote ideal particle processing and maximum output for your needs.

Automatic Equipment Manufacturing’s roller mills offer precise grain processing and are engineered to reduce waste and over-treatment of your chosen grain, whether that’s high moisture corn or small grains. Our high volume roller mills can process an impressive amount of grain in less time and with less energy than you might imagine. Learn more about the importance of particle size and capacity when it comes to investing in a roller mill.

Particle Size

Creating a uniform kernel size is essential to creating the optimal output. When feed is over-processed, which often occurs with soft grains, waste and feed dust are created. This dust can be harmful to workers and animals and can contribute to a financial loss for your business. You can avoid over-processing by choosing equipment that provides consistent results; whether the grain you choose is soft or more robust, Automatic Equipment’s roller mills utilize parallel rolls to create uniform kernels, prevent the application of unnecessary processing power, and allow you to prevent harmful waste.

Precise processing power not only reduces waste, but it also helps animals properly digest the feed you produce. Digestion is key to adding pounds. Automatic’s roller mills give you the ability to add more pounds to your animal through precise rolling and grain processing.


Whether you run a large-scale farm or a small operation, no one can afford to waste time on one task. Our high capacity roller mills can process up to 10000 bushels per hour – creating the ideal crack in record time. Business owners can also benefit from self-cleaning features on our roller mills, which prevent clogs and issues that may hold-up work on your busy farm. Our technology allows you to expend less personal energy and horsepower to get the job done. If industrial equipment with large volume capacity isn’t necessary for your smaller operation, consider low profile mills, which provide economic and easy operation. Some models can process up to 400 bushels of high moisture corn in an hour.

Learn more about Automatic Equipment’s Roller Mill Options

Choose the right model to meet your farming needs and enjoy all the benefits of precision grain processing with the highest capacity. Your farming equipment should work dependably to achieve your business goals, as much as any other trusted employee. For more information on high capacity roller mills and smaller, economical models, we encourage you to call one of our representatives today.

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