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Livestock Roller Mills | Most Efficient Livestock Feed Roller Mills

Since 1925, Automatic Equipment Manufacturing has been helping everyone from small farmers to large feedlot operations get the most value out of their grain. We continue that commitment today by offering a full range of options so that you can find the roller mill that's right for you.

Increased Profitability for Large-Scale Livestock Operations

If you are looking to improve the bottom line for your large-scale livestock operation, our high-capacity roller mills offer many benefits.

Rolled grain is more palatable and digestible for your livestock. There's less risk of ulcers and digestive problems linked to grain dust. Speaking of dust: you won't have so much of your feed simply blow away in the wind. We have seen feedlots get a 1.88% better feed conversion with our mills, amounting to 3 pounds of additional gain per head and a 4.5% higher grade out on Prime/Certified Angus Beef.

Our mills are as flexible and adjustable as any in the industry: offering numerous roll configurations that you can easily adjust to get the precise feed size you're looking for.

Our mills are designed to give you a lower lifetime cost. We use high quality hardened steel that resists warp and wear: you won't need to keep sharpening your mill to keep grinding the consistent grain size your livestock prefers.

Large and Small Mills for Fixed Installation

If you are looking to install a mill in a processing facility, we have both large and low-profile mills for you.

Our CSU1000 gives you maximum control over your grain processing with two separate adjustment points. The two-stage reduction is highly effective and precise.

For large volume processing, we offer high-capacity roller mills that let you choose the size and configuration of the rollers. Choose from different roll diameters, roll lengths, and even corrugation size so you can get the exact grind you're looking for.

If you need a low profile grain mill in your facility, we offer powerful electric roller mills. These can be set under low discharge outlets. With a wide range of roller configurations, these mills can handle high amounts of different feed grains, including small grains, soybeans, dry, and even wet corn.

Flexible and Mobile Trailer Mills

Does your operation require you to provide feed at multiple sites depending on the season and/or situation? Our PTO trailer mills let you take your milling operation with you. There's no need to sacrifice quality, consistency, or control in the name of mobility.

Choose from several models offering innovations to avoid plugging and either auger or blower discharge. And when we say large capacity, we mean it: some models can handle about 6000 bushels of corn an hour!

These also offer excellent adjustability and high carbon steel rolls for maximum durability and lower lifetime costs.

Avoid Plugged-Up Screens

With our rotary mills, you can grind ear corn, moist or dry shell corn, milo, wheat, and soybeans. You can power these mills with PTO or electricity. They use a high RPM cylinder set in a drum with sheer bars. This provides the necessary chopping--without screens to get plugged. Blown discharge can feed into an augur or be used for bagging.

Want help finding the best livestock grain mill for your operation? Please contact us today to learn more about finding the perfect Automatic grain mill to fit.

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