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Advantages of High Capacity Roller Mill Farm Equipment

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

One of the most important pieces of farm equipment you will have to choose is your grain mill. If you want to be able to produce feed on your farm, your choice of mill will make a big difference in the quality and quantity of feed that you can produce. For many farms, high capacity roller mills are the farm equipment of choice because they offer:

  • High capacity

  • Better feed

  • Improved efficiency

  • Better operating conditions

  • Reduced downtime


High Capacity

Although it might seem like a given, it bears repeating that these mills can handle a huge amount of grain. Sometimes, people say that hammer mills are a better choice for farm equipment because they can process more grain.

At Automatic Equipment Manufacturing, we produce high capacity roller mills that can handle up to 20,000 bushels per hour. Being able to produce this quantity of feed so quickly means that you can more reliably produce feed when you need it. There's less need to store the processed feed, which means less risk of spoilage. And the high capacity means less time spent processing feed and the capability to feed more stock.


Better Feed

When you are choosing farm equipment, it's important to factor in the long-term health of your stock. That's your profit. Healthier stock means less expense in treating illness, shorter growth times, and larger, healthier animals to harvest. In many ways, roller mills just produce better feed for your animals.

Cows, horses, and pigs prefer the flaked grains produced by a roller mill. In addition, it's easier to introduce liquid supplements to flaked feed. The flaked feed will absorb more of the supplement and be better coated.

Not only that, but it's generally healthier for them. Roller mills produce less dust in the processed feed. Dust is bad for your animals. If they inhale it, it can lead to respiratory illnesses. If they eat it, it can cause digestive problems.


Improved Efficiency

The end product is important, but when you're choosing farm equipment, you have to consider how much it will cost to operate. In these terms, roller mills have a powerful advantage. Roller mills are more efficient to operate than hammer mills. They require less energy to operate than hammer mills for processing the same amount of grain. Energy expenditures for operating farm equipment can be a big red mark on your farm's bottom line.

But roller mills are also efficient in terms of grain use. They produce more feed per bushel of grain than hammer mills. That's because hammer mills turn much of the feed into dust, which can be lost at the mill or blow away in transit or during feeding. While it's better if that dust isn't eaten or inhaled by your livestock, it's still waste.


Better Operating Conditions

It's also important to choose farm equipment that is safe for you and your farm workers.

The dust produced by hammer mills isn't just bad for your animals, it can be bad for you and your workers. Anyone inhaling the dust from a mill can suffer respiratory problems. Respiratory problems of farm workers can cause you to lose work days and might lead to additional expenses in terms of medical costs. Dust can also be problematic for hammer mills, which can operate hot. This can lead to explosive conditions.

But it's not just the dust that's a problem for hammer mills, the sound can be a problem, too. Hammer mills are much louder to operate.

In rare cases, these working conditions can be a legal liability. Choose farm equipment that protects your workers and protects you.


Reduced Downtime

A roller mill is a relatively simple piece of farm equipment. There's not a lot to break down. And with the hardened steel rolls Automatic Equipment Manufacturing uses, your roller mill will go a long time without breaking down.

In contrast, hammer mills have many more finicky parts. Especially when you factor in the blower systems needed to maintain mobility of grain at the screens, there are many parts that can get fouled up, leading to downtime.

Downtime is one of the worst side effects of all types of farm equipment, so it's best to avoid it.


Finding the Best Farm Equipment for You

If you are considering your options for farm equipment, take a long look at your mill options. Consider your options and fully look at the advantages of each choice before making a decision.


If you want to learn more about the advantages of roller mills, please contact us today for more information. Automated Equipment Manufacturing has been producing farm equipment for 95 years - we can help you understand your options.  

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